• Jolo-

    Joscha Gutjahr

    I play piano, have a degree in Physics and Music, work for a start-up and also enjoy producing video and other design content. Dota addict. ...Read More

  • Lendios

    Seb Juodaky

    I'm the Position 1 (Safelane carry) of Impervious within Oceanesports. I aspire to reach Ti eventually even though my Medal says otherwise :P I still go to school, and I believe I am the youngest player within Ocean as of Jan 2018, however this doesn't stop me from practicing with my team 3 times a week which i love a lot ...Read More

  • LHP

    ...Read More

  • Vat

    Filip Skender

    Just a dude playing some dotes. I play position 2 for Impervious....Read More

  • PewPewEvilDoer

    Ivelin Metodiev

    ...Read More