HvA Fifa Tournament Pilot

Thu 3rd Dec 2015 - 7:39pm General


Three out of the five members of the Ocean team are currently following a curriculum together that is called 'International Sport Management and Business'. This is why, as a very first event from our new company, we wanted to conduct a pilot tournament for our fellow students from ISMB. The objective was to increase our brand awareness, and to see if the concept that we are developing has potential in real life. To be honest, the outcome was even better than expected and we can say that this first event was a great success!

The tournament occured on a Monday evening after classes, with a total of 20 students participating in the event. The tournament took place in the lobby of one the HvA buildings, where TVs are hanging on poles. The location was perfect: within the school, a lot of space available, no issues with noise and big TV screens available for free. We were able to place many tables and chairs so that people could hang out between the games and have comfortbale playing conditions. Everything was set up in order for the players to spend an enjoyable, relaxing and fun gaming evening.

The event went flawlessly, people had a lot of fun and we gave the participants the opportunity to play at least five games each. The winners had the pleasure to enjoy awesome prizes and many people stayed until the very end of the event. We succeeded in being able to promote our brand as well as creating the first step of loyalty among all participants of the tournament. The next step now is to organize another tournament within the school, open for every student that is willing to join. We sincerely hope to expand the amount of people involved with Ocean Esports, and will do all we can to spread this project throughout the city, and beyond!

Here is the official video of the tournament, a big thanks to Tanto who recorded and edited the full video clip, and everyone else who participated!





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