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Mon 8th Feb 2016 - 10:00am Esports Exploration

It seems so common for the general public to play games that their lack of awareness for Disability Esports comes as a surprise. Research about how to include disabled people started only a few years ago, and it is now possible to see the first products adapted for disabled gamers. This study had as it's goal to provide qualitative data about disability sport and to identify its impact upon non-disabled perception of disability. The research objectives were to study the awareness of disability Esports amongst International Sport Management and Business students, and to find out if knowing more about this topic would change their perception of disability. The use of Esports seemed relevant as it affects every single student of this class.

Here is the abstract of the research, if you are intersted you can read the full paper that is attached with this article:

"This paper has identified the awareness of two ISMB students about disability Esports and how it influences their perception of disability. Interviews were conducted and analyzed in order to draw conclusions. It appeared that the students have a low awareness about what disability Esports is, and that their knowledge about it is based on assumptions. Media coverage has an important role on their perception and on the way they describe disability Esports.

After the interviews, the two students knew more about the topic as they showed interest and curiosity. However, the fact to have more knowledge and a more accurate view on the topic did not change their perception about disability in general. Even though they had to change the way they looked at disability Esports, the vision they have of disability remains the same. The two students now have just a clearer picture of what disability Esports is, the issues around the topic and what gaming can represent for a disabled people.

As gaming is often seen as a hobby or a way to pass time, these students showed understanding of the social importance of disability Esports, which they did not have before the interviews. This paper identified that the students changed their view on disability Esports, and recognized that it could be a great tool to improve the integration of disabled people in our society."

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