Ocean Esports partner with Iconic eSports Media!

Thu 7th Apr 2016 - 2:31pm

The partnership between Iconic eSports Media and Ocean Esports is an opportunity for Iconic eSports to get recognition for their impresive design skills, by providing Ocean with design help who also get exposure from the partnership. Iconic eSports Media already did a great job designing a jersey that represents the values of Ocean Esports, and we have been very satisfied with the work they did for us. We are really looking forward to this partnership and hope we can continue to work together for an extended period of time.




The partnership intends to help both our companies to gain visibility and awareness in the Esports landscape. It will benefit both entities as Iconic eSports Media will appear on our jerseys well as our website. Our work together has already sparked interest from other parties pertaining to their design skills, which we believe is a great start to our work together. Our partnership has already will hopefully continue to provide Iconic eSports Media with exposure among other companies in the esports industry. For Ocean Esports, Iconic's design work and knowledge is invaluable. Not only have they worked closely with us, but they have helped advise and clarified the best ways in which to print their design product. This is a great opportunity to gain awareness and therefore we want to thank once more Iconic eSports Media for working with us.

To be more specific, here are the services that the company offers to their clients. Iconic eSports Media offer a range of design work suited for the eSports environment. From team logos, to banners, to stream overlays and jersey design. They offer reasonable pricing on all of their work, as well as discounted pricing on Team bundles. They like to work with their clients to make sure their vision is being brought to life. Iconic eSports Media hope to later offer printing services, so teams can have a one stop shop for apparel and jersey design and printing.

Below is a mockup of the jersey design, which we will start printing very soon:

They are currently building a new website so stay tuned for more information. For the time being, if you are interested in contacting them send Jeff an email at: